Hyper-Miling: A Moderate Approach

extreme-gas-pricesThere are many ways to increase the fuel economy of your vehicle. By making a few simple changes in your driving habits, you can increase your fuel economy by enough to make a difference in your fuel bills. By making some larger changes, they will be difference you can actually feel in your budget.

Hot and Spicy: How To Store Household Spices

spicesNothing completes the taste of a dish more than the addition of the right spice. Spices are no longer kept in dusty racks to be ignored. Modern cooking demands flavorful and vibrant spice combinations to give a meal that tongue-pleasing kick.

Spices need to be stored properly to maintain their desired flavor. Pay attention to that spice rack or you will cheat your taste buds. Here are some simple tips to keep your spices fresh and ready.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland- Winter Housekeeping Tips

perfect-snowman-at-homeWintertime is beautiful. The gleaming white snowfall and glistening trees are a sight to behold; but it can wreak havoc on the home. What can be done to minimize the damage?
For starters, a good rubber backed rug for every entryway is a necessity.

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Along with the cold air, snow and ice come indoors tracking up carpets and melting on floors, creating a muddy mess. Ice melting chemicals can prove hazardous to pets and damaging to certain floors. Keep the mess at bay by insisting family members remove footwear or at least wipe them off at the door.